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Mechanic Visual Spoiler: Mana Artifacts

Last Updated on 8/29/09.

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Much like the visual spoilers on Magic Deck Vortex for creatures, this is a collection of cards that share a common theme: a mechanic.

One of the nice things about MDV Mechanic Visual Spoilers is that they aren't as strict as other mechanic spoilers.  In many cases these spoilers will contain cards that have a similar effect to the mechanic but that don't necessarily have that mechanic.  An example would be Poisonous and Poison Counters.

In any event, if you have any suggestions, improvements, etc, please sent them to the webmaster via email or via private message in the forum.  Thank you for visiting Magic Deck Vortex!

Interesting Tidbits and Links
  • This list contains noncreature artifacts capable of producing mana.  This list also includes the Altars.

Have an interesting fact about the mechanic?  Let me know here!

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ashnods_altar.jpg (24856 bytes) phyrexian_altar.jpg (27977 bytes) krarkclan_ironworks.jpg (46116 bytes) mox_emerald.jpg (21711 bytes) mox_jet.jpg (23989 bytes) mox_pearl.jpg (23474 bytes) mox_ruby.jpg (25543 bytes) mox_sapphire.jpg (24254 bytes) chrome_mox.jpg (28305 bytes) mana_crypt.jpg (28021 bytes) ancient_den.jpg (21295 bytes) darksteel_citadel.jpg (41835 bytes) great_furnace.jpg (19455 bytes) seat_of_synod.jpg (30951 bytes) tree_of_tales.jpg (22767 bytes) vault_of_whispers.jpg (19295 bytes) mana_vault.jpg (20934 bytes) sol_ring.jpg (25890 bytes) grim_monolith.jpg (19722 bytes) Talisman_of_Progress.jpg (21854 bytes) Talsiman_of_Dominance.jpg (24719 bytes) Talsiman_of_Indulgence.jpg (24237 bytes) Talsiman_of_Unity.jpg (21762 bytes) Talsiman_of_Impulse.jpg (24559 bytes) fellwar_stone.jpg (23530 bytes) mind_stone.jpg (23674 bytes) guardian_idol.jpg (44928 bytes) charcoal_diamond.jpg (20978 bytes) fire_diamond.jpg (22519 bytes) marble_diamond.jpg (21331 bytes) moss_diamond.jpg (20636 bytes) sky_diamond.jpg (20470 bytes) star_compass.jpg (22135 bytes) basalt_monolith.jpg (19943 bytes) worn_powerstone.jpg (25405 bytes) darksteel_ingot.jpg (40499 bytes) bloodstone_cameo.jpg (26861 bytes) drake_skull_cameo.jpg (28022 bytes) seashell_cameo.jpg (27346 bytes) tigereye_cameo.jpg (27432 bytes) mana_prism.jpg (11516 bytes) sol_grail.jpg (23101 bytes)   kyren_toy.jpg (25277 bytes) serum_powder.jpg (41367 bytes) eye_of_ramos.jpg (22309 bytes) heart_of_ramos.jpg (19536 bytes) horn_of_ramos.jpg (25101 bytes) skull_of_ramos.jpg (25240 bytes) tooth_of_ramos.jpg (10540 bytes) thran_dynamo.jpg (20236 bytes) sisays_ring.jpg (22901 bytes) ur_golems_eye.jpg (39717 bytes) black_mana_battery.jpg (26046 bytes) blue_mana_battery.jpg (24329 bytes) green_mana_battery.jpg (24544 bytes) red_mana_battery.jpg (26016 bytes) white_mana_battery.jpg (25248 bytes) charmed_pendant.jpg (26253 bytes) gilded_lotus.jpg (24430 bytes)  
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