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Unglued is a standalone set - Similar Sets: Unglued, Unhinged

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Serious Fun for Eggspert Players!
Quoted from www.wizards.com

The new Unglued supplement for the Magic: The Gathering; TCG takes a humorous look at serious competition. But don't let that fool you.

A no-holds-barred look at the Magic TCG, black-bordered and highly collectible land cards, Chicken cards, plus a ton of contests and special events equals serious Unglued fun. Make sure you're in on the joke. 

Expansion symbol:
Release date: August 1998
Mechanics: Tearing, Player Enchantment, Opponent Manipulation, Dice Rolling & Coin Flipping, Extra game effects
Keywords: Denimwalk
Size: 94 cards
Expansion code: UNG
Development codename: n/a

Unglued Cards, sorted by Color (94) 

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