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Limited Edition

The first "core" set in Magic: the Gathering (Alpha/Beta, Unlimited, Revised)

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Alpha is known for having very overpowered cards. The game designers did not expect the game to be as popular as it was, and thus didn’t spend the proper time to balance cards against each other. While copies of powerful, rare cards were expected to be few and controlled by house-rules, players instead started collecting these rare and powerful cards and putting as many as possible in their decks.

In addition to lacking a standardized wording for card rules text, Alpha contained numerous misprints as detailed below:

Circle of Protection: Black was mistakenly omitted from the set.
Volcanic Island was mistakenly omitted from the set.
Cyclopean Tomb had no casting cost, instead of a casting cost of 4.
Orcish Artillery had a casting cost of 1R rather than 1RR.
Orcish Oriflamme had a casting cost of 1R rather than 3R.
Red Elemental Blast was classified as an instant rather than an interrupt, making half of its ability unplayable under the rules of the time.
Elvish Archers had their power/toughness printed as 1/2 rather than 2/1.

Cards from Alpha have steeply rounded corners, reportedly due to dullness of the dies being used to cut the cards at the time. These dies were sharpened after the production of the Alpha cards and resulted in less rounded corners for Beta and subsequent sets. Official tournaments require Alpha cards to be sleeved to prevent unfair game play. Unless, of course, you have a deck of all Alpha cards… but what are the chances of that!? Compiled from information found on Wikipedia.

Expansion symbol: (no symbol)
Release date: August 1993
Mechanics: All original ones
Keywords: Banding, First Strike, Flying, Landwalk and Trample.
Size: 290 (79 common, 95 uncommon, 116 rare)
Power Nine: Black Lotus, Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, and Timetwister.
Useless Fact: The Alpha rulebook contains a fictional tale by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: the Gathering, called “Worzel’s Story.” This tale was removed from the rulebook for the Beta release.
Interesting Fact: Alpha deck boxed lack a UPC on the bottom.

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