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4 Retraced image
4 Aphetto alchemist
4 Basalt monolith
4 Millstone
4 Grindstone
4 Ambassador Laquatus
4 Scalpelexis
4 Thran dynamo
4 Washout
4 Traumatize

16 Island
4 Soldevi Excavations


Description of deck by its author (quoted):
This is a classic mill deck with allot of artifact mana and Aphetto alchemists to replace voltaic keys which can be better than voltaic key, as they do not require mana to use.  Scalpelexis is also dangerous and retraced image has SO many uses it's not even funny ie. mana acceleration.

COMMENTS:  Not exactly the most original deck in the world, but I like the retraced image and Aphetto Alchemist card additions.  Your deck is focuses and very balanced and that is what brought you to second place.  You have a nice mana base with the Thran Dynamos and Basalt Monolith, although I would have replaced Basalt Monolith with Thran Dynamo or Sapphire Medallion.  I would use the Aphetto Alchemist to untap the millstone or grindstone.  All of the cards in your deck work very well together.  An excellent submission.  Thank you for your entry to this month's contest and congratulations on winning second place.

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ambassador_laquatus.jpg (20089 bytes) millstone 7.jpg (16838 bytes) grindstone.jpg (17228 bytes) scalpelexis.jpg (22322 bytes) aphetto_alchemist.jpg (21042 bytes) retraced_image.jpg (19834 bytes) traumatize.jpg (18588 bytes)

by Mat Bowen, Contest Submission for MILL THRILL (2nd Place Winner)

MILL: Ambassador Laquatus - Scalpelexis

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