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4 Birds of Paradise
4 Elves of Deep Shadow
24 Relentless Rats
4 Nantuko Shrine
4 Pack Hunt

11 Swamp
4 Tainted Wood
4 Llanowar Wastes
1 Volrath's Stronghold
Green-Black Rat-Shrine.

Description of deck by its author (quoted):
This one doesn't run any tricks to put the little ratlings into the graveyard to help power out the Nantuko Shrine. It does make the assumption that if they aren't killing your Rats, they are dying to them. This isn't an unfair assumption either. If your opponent has cleared your board of creatures, either the Shrine or the Pack Hunt are going to be able to help you on the road to recovery.


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by Adrian Sullivan @ www.magicthegathering.com

COMBO: Relentless Rats - Nantuko Shrine

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