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MDV's Infinite Combo Database
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New "Infinity" Combos. -- updated 8/23/09

Discuss and Post Infinite Combos Here.

Hell's Caretaker - Anger - Deathgreeter 
Infinite Life - How it works:  Start with one Hell's Caretaker in the graveyard, Anger in the graveyard, one Hell's Caretaker and Deathgreeter in play (and a Mountain in play).  Tap the Hell's Caretaker and sacrifice itself to return the Hell's Caretaker already in the graveyard to play.  Because it has Haste you can tap it, sacrifice itself, and return the other Caretaker to play.  Repeat this as many times as you like, knowing that each time you do this you can 1 life from Deathgreeter.  Infinite Life for the win!  An easy way to get the cards into your graveyard is Buried Alive.
Spellweaver Helix - Wurmcalling - Rude Awakening 
Infinite Creatures - How does it work?  Imprint both Wurmcalling and Rude Calling on the Helix.  Whenever you play Rude Awakening you get a free 0/0 Wurm Token.  That's not the point.  The point is to play Wurmcalling with Buyback.  Each time you play Wurmcalling, you get a free Rude Awakening which you want to use to Untap all of your lands so you can reply Wurmcalling (again with Buyback).  Keep doing this to get infinite creatures and infinite Storm Count.
Altar of Dementia - Deathrender - Warren Pilferers - Gravedigger 
Infinite Mill - How is works: Start with Altar, Deathrender and one of the above creatures in play and the other in hand, and with Deathrender attached to the creature in play.  Let's assume the Pilferers are in play and the Gravedigger is in your hand.  Sacrifice the Pilferers to Altar of Dementia, milling some cards in the process.  Deathrender's ability triggers and you can put a creature card from your hand into play with Deathrender attached to it.  Put Gravedigger into play.  The Gravedigger returns the Pilferer to your hand.  Now sacrifice the Gravedigger to the Altar (milling cards in the process) and Deathrender's ability goes on the stack again.  This time put Pilferer into play and target the Gravedigger (to return to hand).  Repeat this as many times as you like, milling your opponent down the no cards in the process.
Sword of the Meek - Thopter Foundry - Time Sieve 
Infinite Turns - How it works: With all three cards in play, sacrifice Sword of the Meek to the Thopter Foundry.  Thopter Foundry makes a 1/1 blue Thopter artifact creature token with flying.  Sword of the Meek returns to play equipped to the Thopter (for free).  Sacrifice the Sword of the Meek again and repeat this at least five times. Note you will need at least five mana producers in order to make this work.  Once you have accrued five tokens, sacrifice them to the Sieve and Take an extra turn after this one.  Next turn rinse and repeat for infinite turns.  How you win with those turns is up to you.  Note that you will also be gaining life every time you make a Thopter token.
Nether Traitor - Genesis Chamber - Phyrexian Altar 
Infinite mana - How it works: Have all three cards in play.  Sacrifice Nether Traitor to the Phyrexian Altar and add a black mana to your mana pool.  Genesis Chamber will create a 1/1 Myr token.  Sacrifice that token to the Altar and add another black mana to your mana pool.  Because the Myr token hits the graveyard, you have an opportunity to return the Nether Traitor to play for one black mana.  Do that, note that you have one black mana floating.  Rinse and Repeat for infinite mana. 

Infinite mana -- If you decide not to sacrifice the tokens the Genesis Chamber makes, you can achieve infinite creatures instead of infinite mana. 

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror-Breaker - Pestermite 
Infinite Creatures - How it Works: With both cards in play, tap Kiki-Jiki to make a token copy of Pestermite.  When the Pestermite comes into play, untap Kiki-Jiki.  Keep tapping Kiki-Jiki to make more and more Pestermites until you reach infinite if you like.  Since all of these Pestermites have haste, you can attack all out for infinite damage.
Where Ancients Tread - Sharuum the Hegemon x 2 
Infinite Damage - Here is who it works:  With one Sharuum in the graveyard, one Sharuum in hand and Where Ancient Tread in play, play Sharuum.  When she comes into play, target the Sharuum in your graveyard to return to play.  From here, I'll quote Drathro from his article about Sharuum:

A little primer on bringing multiple Sharuum the Hegemons in play: When you bring a second Hegemon into play, two things happen. First, state-based effects are generated and resolved, which means the two Legendary Sphinxes both go to the graveyard. It is only after all state-based effects have been resolved that triggered effects are put on the stack. Guess what - that means that the triggered comes-into-play (CIP) ability of the second Hegemon can target either of the Sphinxes that just went to the graveyard. If you want to, you can always bring the last Hegemon back to play.

And thus you can keep returning the Sharuums infinitely, creating a loop of sorts.  In the meantime, Where Ancients Tread is dealing 5 damage to a target each time a Sharuum comes into play.  For Infinite Damage!

Cephalid Broker - Lotus Vale - Telekinetic Bonds 
Infinite Milling - How does it work?  With all three cards in play, tap the Broken and target your opponent; they will draw two and then discard two.  With two triggers on the stack for Telekinetic Bonds, tap the Lotus Vale and make three blue mana.  Use two blue mana to untap the Vale with the first Bonds trigger.  Tap the Lotus Vale again and make three more blue mana (4 in pool).  Pay 1U to untap the Broker with the second trigger.  You have two blue mana in your mana pool and the Broken untapped, Vale tapped.  Proceed to tap the broker, untap the vale, tap the vale, untap the vale, untap the broker, etc.  Repeat for infinite milling. 

New "Infinity" Combos. -- updated 3/12/09
Discuss and Post Infinite Combos Here.

Auriok Steelshaper - Ashnod's Altar - Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho 
If your favorite color is white, then this infinite mana combo is for you. Or, if your favorite color is still white but infinite mana isn't really your thing, just fast-forward to the next infinite section and look for white again there.

Anyway, the combo. Have these three cards on the table, along with any other random samurai. Even a simple Devoted Retainer suffices. Pay 1 and equip Oathkeeper to that samurai (thanks to Auriok Steelshaper). Sacrifice the samurai to Ashnod's Altar, and watch it come back to play thanks to Takeno's Daisho. Use one mana from the two Ashnod's Altar gave you, and repeat. And people said it was black that liked to kill its minions over and over again... (YWN)
Palinchron - High Tide or Extraplanar Lens 
If you prefer blue, then look over here instead. After all, it was this combo Kai Budde used to win GP Vienna in 1999.

You need at least 7 islands in play in order to start the combo. Tap one of them and play High Tide. Tap the rest, play Palinchron (untapping all your lands), and activate his ability to return it to your hand. You have one mana left now, but all your lands untapped. Then tap them all again, play the Palinchron again, and return it to your hand again! And again! And again! And again! Until you have enough mana to play a big Stroke of Genius on your opponent. (Have some cards buddy!) (YWN)
Nether Traitor - Genesis Chamber - Phyrexian Altar 
If black's more your thing, look no more. These three cards will provide you all the mana you'll ever need. Plus, none of them cost more than 3 mana, so you can theoretically pull this combo off at turn four, or three with proper acceleration.

Basically, you'll need the Chamber and the Altar in play, the Traitor either in play or in your graveyard, and another creature in play (which you can get via the Genesis Chamber itself). If the Traitor is in play, sacrifice it to the Altar. Then, sacrifice the other creature to the Altar as well, pay one black mana (the one you got from the Altar), and return the Traitor to play. This will trigger the Genesis Chamber, which will give you another token. You're now back at the beginning, except with one more black mana in your mana pool. Keep doing this until you have enough mana to play a monstrous Drain Life, or if you want to be original, an Howl from Beyond, targeting your Traitor, which conveniently has haste and shadow. Go get 'em cowboy! (YWN)
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - Composite Golem - Sword of the Paruns 
You should have already figured out red would go here, no? Anyway, what this combo may lack in cheapness, it compensates with utility. With this combo, you can create any amount of mana of any color you wish.

Basically, have all three cards in play, Sword of the Paruns equipped on Kiki-Jiki. Tap the Mirror Breaker, and break a mirror—I mean, make a copy of Composite Golem. Sacrifice that copy, and use three of those five mana to untap Kiki-Jiki, thanks to the Paruns' Sword. And break—I mean, repeat. (Wait just a minute, I thought breaking a mirror meant 7 years of bad luck... Use this combo at your own peril!) (YWN)
Argothian Elder - Maze of Ith 
All green-lovers would rather take a look at this one. But before I explain the combo, there's something you should know about Maze of Ith. When you play its ability on a creature, it doesn't remove it from combat. It untaps the creature, it prevents all damage that would be dealt to it and all damage that it would deal, but it doesn't remove it from combat. So it's still an attacking creature, and can still be blocked by other creatures, even if it won't engage in combat with them. This means that you can use the Maze on an attacking creature, block it with a Cockatrice, and kill that creature.

Anyway, the combo. Commence your attack phase, and declare Argothian Elder as an attacker. Tap Maze of Ith, and untap the Elder. Tap the Elder, and untap the Maze and another land you control. Tap that land and the Maze, get one mana and untap the Elder. Tap the Elder, and untap the Maze and that other land. Tap that land and the Maze, get one more mana and untap the Elder. Well, you can continue the rest. Just don't forget that you'll need to use that mana in your attack phase, or you'll get mana burned and die. A nice little Upwelling solves that problem though. (YWN)
Voltaic Construct - Thran Dynamo - Toymaker 
If you're colorblind or prefer to play with no color at all, try this one instead. Sure, it's not the almighty Metalworker + Voltaic Construct combo, but we need to be original, don't you think? And who actually owns four copies of Metalworker anyway? (Not that we wouldn't like it... *cough*)

Basically, use the Toymaker to turn your Thran Dynamo into an artifact creature, making it a legal target for Voltaic Construct to untap. So, tap the Dynamo-that-is-now-a-creature for three colorless mana, use two of them to untap it, tap it again for another three mana, use two to untap it, and so on and so forth. Trust me, you'll get enough mana to buy a new house in no time. (YWN)
Daru Spiritualist - Shuko - Starlit Sanctum 
This one isn't all that complicated. Pay 0 and attach Shuko to your Daru Spiritualist. Congratulations, you just gave him +0/+2! Pay 0 again, and attach it again to the guy to give him +0/+2 again! But now you say, "Wait a minute, but Shuko is already equipped on the Spiritualist!" That is correct, but that doesn't mean you can't target him again with the equip ability. Nothing will happen from it, both the creature and the equipment will stay exactly the same, but Daru Spiritualist's ability WILL trigger since he was, in fact, the target of an ability. Repeat this process any number of times, and then sacrifice your Spiritualist to Starlit Sanctum.

You can replace the Shuko here with Lightning Greaves, but then you'll need another creature in play (any one will do) since the Greaves make your creature untargetable, making it impossible to use the ability on it again. (YWN)

Academy Researchers - Fool's Demise - Life Chisel 
An infinite life combo in blue? MADNESS!! Using a really obscure card from Legends that no one really has or even knows about?? MAAAADNESS!!!!

To get your infinite load of tasty life points, have in play Life Chisel and Academy Researchers with Fool's Demise on it (which should be easy, thanks to the Researchers' built-in ability). When you do and it's finally your turn, don't go greedily drawing your card as soon as you untap. It'll be during your upkeep that the fun ensues (mainly because of the Chisel's restriction). Basically, sacrifice the Researchers, gaining 2 life and triggering both abilities of Fool's Demise. This will return the Demise to your hand and the Researchers to play, where its ability will put the Demise back on them again. Repeat the process again and again, for great justice. (YWN)
Nighteyes the Desecrator or Corpse Dance - Composite Golem - Scrapheap 
Every night's a good night for necromancy. Isn't that right Nighteyes? ...okay, he's not really in the mood to talk, but it was never really words we wanted from him anyway.

When you manage to flip Nezumi Graverobber, have Composite Golem and Scrapheap in play with him. Sacrifice the Golem to get 5 shiny manas, as well as 1 life thanks to the 'heap. Use those five manas to bring the Golem back to play (good boy Nighteyes,) and repeat it all over again.

If flipping Nezumi Graverobber is too much work for you, try Corpse Dance instead. The result will be essentially the same. (YWN)

Kobold of Kher Keep x 2 - Dragon's Claw - Cloudstone Curio 
Yeah I know. Even though this combo is in this red section, it can actually be used in ANY deck, even one using no other red cards or mountains at all. But YOU try to come up with an infinite life combo in red! (Yes, this is a challenge.) I mean, not even Planar Chaos went far enough to give life gain to red... But, since this combo DOES use red cards, better here than in some creepy basement.

The combo is pretty simple. All you have to do is keep playing and replaying the 0-mana-costing Kobolds (thanks to Cloudstone Curio), and gain 1 life every time you do (thanks to Dragon's Claw). See? You can't get anything simpler than that! In fact, this combo's explanation is so simple and short that I have to write this useless text here to make up for the lack of interesting stuff to say. Well, I believe this suffices, on to the next color! (YWN)
Fastbond - Zuran Orb - Crucible of Worlds 
The combo. When you have all three cards in play, sacrifice a land to Zuran Orb to gain 2 life. Replay that land (thanks to the Crucible and Fastbond), and start over. Even though you receive 1 damage per land played this way, you gain 2 life when you sacrifice that same land, so you can still reach infinity.
As a side note, you can also get infinite creatures with this combo if the land you use is Gods' Eye, Gate to the Reikai, infinite scries (not the magazine) if the land you use is New Benalia, and not-really-all-that-infinite Plains if the land you use is Flagstones of Trokair (depending on how many there are in your deck). (YWN)
Krark-Clan Ironworks - Scrapheap - Myr Retrievers x 2 
For the anti-socials who don't like anything colored, infinite life is also achievable. Not that there's anything wrong about being anti-social, I just wonder what would they want infinite life for...

When you have all cards in play (it's okay if one of the Retrievers is already in your graveyard), sacrifice a Retriever to the Ironworks and use its ability to... well... retrieve the other Retriever. (I get the feeling you're going to read this word once, perhaps twice more than you'd like in a day...) Gain one life from the Scrapheap, and play the Retriever again using the mana you got from the Ironworks by sacrificing the previous Retriever. Once that Retriever's in play, sacrifice it (I mean the Retriever) to the Ironworks, and retrieve the other Retriever in your graveyard, namely the Retriever you used previously to retrieve the Retriever that you're using now to retrieve that Retriever. Keep sacrificing and retrieving these Retrievers over and over again, and you'll attain a life total equal to the life total you had before you started all this retrievage plus the number of Retrievers you retrieve this way. (Retrieve. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.) (YWN)
Enduring Renewal - Genesis Chamber - Phyrexian Marauder or Shifting Wall 
As for the white-lovers in here, have both Enduring Renewal and Genesis Chamber in play, preferently untapped. Play either a Phyrexian Marauder or a Shifting Wall, making sure you set the X to zero. When state-based effects are checked, it will die (since it has 0 toughness), but not before it triggers Genesis Chamber's ability. The Chamber will create a 1/1 Myr token, and the Enduring Renewal will return your X-mana-costing creature to your hand, ready to start the cycle anew. (YWN)
Aphetto Alchemist - Intruder Alarm - Summoning Station 
Blue mages find a better bargain in here. Be not scared of the 7-mana-costing artifact we'll be using here, since blue is, after all, the color of stalling. And of Tolarian Academy.

When you have all the pieces in play, do the immensely painful task of tapping the Summoning Station to put a Pincher token into play. That will cause all creatures to untap, thanks to Intruder Alarm. And now, tap Aphetto Alchemist (yes, I know it is excruciating, but don't give up now, we're already half-way there!) to untap the Summoning Station (just a little bit more, we're almost there!), and repeat it all over again a few thousand times! (Err... I didn't say anything.) (YWN)
Faceless Butcher x 3 - Genesis Chamber 
Black mana users prefer to combo creatively. Or at least so says Phage. Even if it wasn't really 'combo' what she meant...

In any case, have a Genesis Chamber in play. Play a Faceless Buddy and remove a random creature from the game (if there are any, but it doesn't really matter to the combo). Then, play another Faceless Buddy, removing from the game the other Buddy you just played. When that's done, play a third Buddy, targeting the Buddy in play. Now watch what happens: You remove Buddy #2 from the game, which returns Buddy #1 to play, which you use to remove Buddy #3 from the game, which returns Buddy #2 to play, which you use to remove Buddy #1, which returns Buddy #3, and so on and so forth. And while they dance in and out of play, Genesis Chamber just stays there making tokens. That a boy Chamby!

Faceless Devourer can replace Faceless Butcher, but you either use three Devourers or three Buddies, two of one and one of the other won't work. (YWN)

Mana Echoes - Myr Matrix 
Red players rather do it quickly. So here you have it, an infinite combo using only two cards.

Have both in play and create a token with Myr Matrix. Use the mana that Mana Echoes gives you to help pay for another activation of the Matrix, until you can do it without any help. When you do, go infinite! And although it wasn't intended, you can go infinite not only in terms of creatures, but also in mana. Just pretend you can't and use this solely as an infinite creature combo, savvy? Oh, would you look at that, more filler text! Guess I should have made this combo description a little bit larger after all. Fortunately it will end right about... Now! (YWN)
Wurmcalling - Rude Awakening - Spellweaver Helix 
Green-lovers like it big. And what could be bigger than Wurms? Get your land-fetching spells ready, because we're going to summon Wurms!!

First you need to set up the combo. Throw a Wurmcalling and a Rude Awakening in your graveyard, and imprint them both in Spellweaver Helix. Now play another Wurmcalling, setting the Wurm size to whatever pleases you. Just be sure to pay the buyback cost as well. By playing Wurmcalling, Spellweaver Helix will trigger, allowing you to play Rude Awakening for free. Then do it! Untap all your lands, get a Wurm token, and your Wurmcalling back in your hand, ready to be played again!
Infinite Wurms, what's there not to like it?? (YWN)
Krark-Clan Ironworks - Genesis Chamber - Myr Retriever x 2 
And finally, colorless mages know that you don't need to get new cards to get new results. (Not that most other combos here can't be tweaked to better accommodate your needs, mind you.)

When all these cards are in play (it's okay if one of the Retrievers is already in your graveyard), sacrifice a Retriever to the Ironworks and use its ability to... well... retrieve the other Retriever. (Why am I sensing a weird déjà-vu feeling here?) Play the Retriever again using the mana you got from the Ironworks by sacrificing the previous Retriever, and get a 1/1 Myr token completely free of charge, thanks to Genesis Chamber. After that, sacrifice the Retriever in play to the Ironworks (I mean the Retriever you previously retrieved using the Retriever that's now in your graveyard) and retrieve the Retriever that's in your graveyard, which you used to retrieve the Retriever that's now retrieving that same Retriever. Keep doing this over and over again until you have enough tokens in play for them to make a soccer tournament among themselves, including audience, arbiters, and reporters. (Retrievers not included.) (YWN)
Enduring Renewal - Ornithopter - Blasting Station 
Basically, have all three pieces neatly in play. Sacrifice the Ornithopter to the Blasting Station, dealing 1 damage to any one target. However, Enduring Renewal will make your Ornithopter go back to your hand, rather than stay uselessly in your graveyard. Thank Enduring Renewal properly and play your Ornithopter again, thus untapping the Station. Repeat, repeat, repeat. (YWN)
Prodigal Sorcerer - Ophidian Eye - Mind Over Matter 
Though this deck is only "infinite" as far as your library has cards in it, you can make it actually infinite by putting one copy of either Legacy Weapon or Darksteel Colossus in your deck. You don't need it for the actual combo, but it will prevent self-decking in case you need to deal more damage than the number of cards you have in your deck.

The combo in itself is a no-brainer. Tap the Prodigal Sorcerer to deal 1 damage to your opponent, and draw a card. (Assuming the Ophidian Eye is enchanting the Sorcerer. If it isn't, fix it!) Discard that card to untap the Sorcerer (thanks to Mind Over Matter), and repeat to your heart's content. (YWN)
Rotlung Reanimator - Conspiracy - Blasting Station 
There just had to be a place for Conspiracy in here. I can't really say why, so I'll just leave you wondering about the possibility of Conspiracy lobbyist having a certain site and/or member under his thumb.

In any case, have in play all three cards, with Conspiracy set to Cleric, and any other random creature. Sacrifice that creature to Blasting Station, and because it was a Cleric (thanks to Conspiracy), Rotlung Reanimator will create a replacement token, also a Cleric (thanks again to the Conspiracy of Silence). The token entering play will untap Blasting Station, allowing the conspiracy against your opponent to continue. (YWN)
Breath of Fury - Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Although it says up here this combo only uses two cards, unless your opponent's creatures are all tapped or he/she controls none, you need one more card to make it work. Keep reading.

To start the combo, have good ol' Kiki-Jiki in play and Breath of Fury attached to any other creature. Now play something like Master Warcraft, or Order//Chaos, or Bedlam, or Wave of Indifference, or any of the various lesser versions, as long as it makes all your opponent's creatures unable to block. Create a copy of a creature you control with Kiki-Jiki (as long as it can attack and has more than one power, any one will do), and attack with it and the creature enchanted by Breath of Fury. Let them deal damage to your opponent, then untap all your creatures and attach Breath of Fury to the token Kiki-Jiki made (by sacrificing the creature it previously enchanted). Now create another token and attack again. And again. And again. And again, until you can't anymore because your opponent is already dead. After all, beating up dead people isn't cool... (YWN)
Eternal Witness x 2 - Aluren - Blasting Station 
Warning: Please read this combo description in a well lit room and as far away from the computer screen as possible. Myself and MDV hold no responsibility in possible cerebral and/or bowel damage caused by it.

Have in play Aluren, Blasting Station, and one Eternal Witness, and in hand another Witness. Sacrifice the Witness in play to the Blasting Station, then play the one in your hand for free (thanks to Aluren), hence retrieving—I mean, returning the one you just sacrificed to your hand. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and I believe that's enough filler text. On to the next one. (YWN)
Triskelion - Scythe of the Wretched - Spawning Pit 
It's getting rather tricky to find interesting stuff to say in these blurbs other than the combo description in itself. So just pretend this text here had something really amazing and that you were all awed by it to the point of giving up your religion to worship solely me.

To start the combo, simply have all three cards in play. Attach Scythe of the Wretched to Triskelion, and remove all its +1/+1 counters to spread some damage around. Just make sure you deal at least one damage to the Triskelion itself. When you run out of +1/+1 counters, just sacrifice Trisky to Spawning Pit. Now watch it come right back to play, with a fresh new playset of +1/+1 counters, and the Scythe still attached to it, ready to start everything anew. All it needs more is a black hood to impose respect. (YWN)
Words of Worship - Well of Lost Dreams 
With these two cards in play, whenever you gain life, you can pay mana to draw some cards. Not only that, but if you'd draw a card, you can replace that draw with more life gain. While this combo is very useful on its own (you're drawing cards and gaining life, what more could you possibly want??), it isn't infinite. But in order to make it infinite, we need to bend the rules a little bit here. All you need to do is add two more cards: Celestial Dawn, to make sure the following card is white and thus keep this combo mono-white; and Channel, so you can turn all that life gain into mana in order to keep drawing cards and gaining more life to turn into mana to turn into card draw and more life gain. And if anyone asks, this combo IS mono-white. Celestial Dawn says so. (YWN)
Trade Secrets - Quicken - Mindslaver 
Although I did not intended it, this combo has the downside of killing a player on the spot. It just had to be blue to ruin all the fun. I'll explain it in a bit, keep reading.

During your turn, sacrifice Mindslaver to gain control of your opponent's next turn. During that turn, play Quicken so you can play Trade Secrets right afterwards. Now, what you'd normally do is draw the cards you need in order to win and use them to do so in your next turn (which, in a one-against-one game, would be right after you're done with your opponent's turn). But notice that Trade Secrets says "you draw up to four cards", which means you can choose to draw zero cards, but make your opponent want to keep drawing two at a time. Eventually he'll run out of cards in his library and lose. Not that you wouldn't win with all that card draw, so my concern here is actually rather pointless. Oh well, never mind then. (YWN)
Lich - Skirge Familiar - Tower of Eons - Voltaic Construct - Karn, Silver Golem 
Although this is technically an infinite card draw combo, you don't really get to keep the cards you draw. So I suggest you add a Yawgmoth's Will into this mix, to make sure you get to use the cards you're throwing away. Or any different card that can take advantage of a big fat graveyard. Living End, Mortal Combat, Sutured Ghoul and Mortivore spring to mind.

In other words, have Lich, Skirge Familiar, Tower of Eons and Voltaic Construct in play and a way to turn the Tower into an artifact creature, like Toymaker or Karn, Silver Golem. Animate the Tower and use its ability. Thanks to Lich, instead of gaining 10 life, you draw 10 cards. In itself, this could already be considered a combo, or at least good synergy. But we want infinite! So discard two of those cards to Skirge Familiar and use those two mana to untap the Tower. Discard the remaining 8 to play the Tower's ability one more time, and repeat until you have the 10 cards you're looking for to win the game, or simply have a big fat graveyard. (YWN)
Fiery Gambit - Reiterate - Krark's Thumb 
In order for this combo to work, you're going to need more than simply a pile of cards randomly shuffled. More than simply enough mana sources to play the necessary cards in the same turn. You're going to need luck!

All you need to do is play Fiery Gambit, and then Reiterate on it, with buyback. Win the three coin flips, and proceed to draw nine cards and untap all your lands. With all your lands untapped, you're able to play Reiterate again. Then do it! And keep doing it until you have all the cards you need. Of course, you're going to need A LOT of luck to pull this off, so I advise you to use at least one Krark's Thumb. (Mirror Gallery will allow you to have more in play.) Or instead have Gauntlet of Power in play so you can cast at least two Reiterates at a time, so you have two chances of maintaining the combo running rather than one. I also advise you not to try this combo on a Friday 13th. (YWN)
Wall of Blossoms - Loaming Shaman - Verdant Succession - Spawning Pit 
Question: Is that hand in Wall of Blossoms part of the Wall itself, simply the hand of someone trying to pick a flower, or are the blossoms strangling a person??? The horrifying truth, was shown yesterday. Better luck next time.

In any case, have all the cards neatly in play. Sacrifice Wall of Blossoms to the Spawning Pit, and thanks to Verdant Succession, go get another one from your library, put it into play, and draw a card. Sacrifice that Wall to the Pit again, and go get another Wall, drawing you another card. Repeat one more time, and after that you have supposedly run out of Blossoms in your library. Then sacrifice your Loaming Shaman to the Pit, go get another one, and shuffle all those Walls of Blossoms in your graveyard back into your library, as well as any Loaming Shamans you've already sacrificed this way. Now go back to the top and do it all over again. (YWN)
Metalworker - Staff of Domination 
While this isn't one of the most original combos out there, it is one of the easiest to pull off. OMG can you believe I haven't said spaghetti in this article yet???!!!

Simply have both cards in play at the same time. (Were you expecting anything different?) When you do, tap Metalworker and reveal at least 3 artifact cards in your hand. Use 4 of the 6 mana gained this way to untap Metalworker and the Staff of Domination itself, and repeat this process until you have 6 mana floating. Use 5 of those mana to draw a card, the remaining mana to untap the Staff, and do it all over again.
Sharuum the Hegemon x 2 - Hissing Iganar 
This combo was originally submitted by Grumpherys, but then Drathro wrote an article on Sharuum the Hegemon. To quote Drathro's article:  

A little primer on bringing multiple Sharuum the Hegemons in play: When you bring a second Hegemon into play, two things happen. First, state-based effects are generated and resolved, which means the two Legendary Sphinxes both go to the graveyard. It is only after all state-based effects have been resolved that triggered effects are put on the stack. Guess what - that means that the triggered comes-into-play (CIP) ability of the second Hegemon can target either of the Sphinxes that just went to the graveyard. If you want to, you can always bring the last Hegemon back to play.

So what does this mean?  With Hissing Iguanar, you will do infinite damage to one or all of your opponent's thanks to the Legendary rule, comes-into-play abilities, triggered effects and state-based effects...  Just keep bringing back the Sharuum back with the other Sharuum.

Filigree Sages - Doubling Cube
You should know that it requires ten mana to get these two cards into infinity.  If you want to build a deck around that knowing the other things you could do with ten mana, so be it.

How it works: With both cards in play and ten mana available in your pool (at least two of it blue), pay 3 to double your mana.  (7x2=14)  Activate the sages (2U) and untap the cube. (14-3=11). Repeat these steps and reach infinirte mana.  How you use that mana is completely up to you!

Submitted by immotalas.

Godsire - Intruder Alarm 
Submitted by SKEITH.  This here is an infinite creature combo.  How it works?  With both cards in play and Godsire untapped, tap Godsire.  Put an 8/8 Beast creature token into play that's red, green and white.  Intruder Alarm will see a creature coming into play and untap all of them including the original Godsire.  Repeat and rinse for infinite creatures.  What makes this two-card combo fun is that it doesn't require any mana to tap the Godsire and put a token into play.  Most other token creatures require mana to generate the creature thus making the infinite creature combo more difficult with Intruder Alarm.

NOTE: Any creature that can tap to generate a creature token combos infinitely with Intruder Alarm.  Sometime with mana cretaures, and sometime without any mana creatures.

Morselhoarder + Devoted Druid + Experiment Kraj
Infinite Mana!  And here's how it works: Remove a -1/-1 counter from Morselhoarder twice so that you now have 2 mana in your mana pool.  Color does not matter.  With all three cards untapped, tap the Experiment Kraj to put a +1/+1 counter on Devoted Druid.  Kraj now has its ability.  Put a -1/-1 counter on Kraj and untap it (using the Druid's ability). Tap Kraj to put a +1/+1 counter on Morselhoarder. Kraj now has its ability.  Put a -1/-1 counter on Kraj to untap it (note he has 2 -1/-1 counters on him).  Remove two -1/-1 counters from Kraj to use Morsel's ability and add one mana of any color to your mana pool.  Repeat these steps and you will get infinite mana and an infinitely large creature depending on where you put all of those +1/+1 counters.
Scuzzback Marauders - Bramblewood Paragon - Phyrexian Altar

Infinite Mana.  And here is how it works: With all three cards in play, sacrifice the Scuzzleback Marauders to the Altar and add a mana of any color to your mana pool.  The persist ability will trigger and bring the Marauders back into play with a -1/-1 counter.  Because it is a Warrior, Bramblewood Paragon will give it a +1/+1 counter when it comes into play.   The two counters will combine into no counter and you are back where we began.  Keep sacrificing the Marauders for infinite mana. This combo was submitted by Dratho.

Murderous Redcap - Juniper Order Ranger - Nantuko Husk
Want to make Juniper Order Ranger infinitely big?  420.5n deck style?  Try combining Murderous Redcap with Juniper Order Ranger.  When you play the Redcap it deals 2 damage to a target; target itself (killing the Redcap).  Persist will bring it back with a -1/-1 counter and the Ranger will give it and itself a +1/+1 counter.  Thanks to rule 420.5, the +1/+1 counter and the -1/-1 counter negate themsevles and thus you can repeat with the redcap targetting himself.  This will make an infinitely large Juniper Order Ranger.

How to make this infinite:  You can fling the Juniper Order Ranger for infinite damage, give the Ranger trample and attack or simply add a sacrifice outlet like Nantuko Husk and deal that 2 damage each time to your opponent, doing infinite damage.  With Mother of Runes you can go infinite life... and so on.

Morselhoarder - Power of Fire - Sinking Feeling

Infinite Damage!  And this one was submitted to me via email by Silk.  Thanks, Silk.  Here's how it works: Enchant Morselhoarder with both Power of Fire and Sinking Feeling.  Let's assume it still has two -1/-1 counters on it.  Tap the Morselhoarder to deal a damage to something or someone.  Remove a counter from Morselhoarder to add a mana to your mana pool (color is irrelevant). Use that mana to untap Morselhoarder with Sinking Feeling and put a -1/-1 counter on Morsehoarder as part of the cost to untap it.  You should now be back where you were.  Continue for infinite damage. 

Order of Whiteclay - Kinsbaile Borderguard - Phyrexian Altar - Earthcraft - Utopia Sprawl
Infinite creatures.  This combo was submitted by Luthervamplord and here is how it works...

Enchant a Forest with the Sprawl and name white.  Assume Order, Earthcraft, Borderguard (with one +1/+1 counter), and Altar are in play. Sacrifice the Borderguard to the Altar and add one white mana to your mana pool. As a result of the Borderguard's leaves play ability, put a 1/1 white Kithkin Soldier creature token into play.

Using Earthcraft, tap the Order to untap the Forest enchanted with the Sprawl.  Now tap the enchanted Forest to add GW to your mana pool.  With the GWW in your mana pool, untap the Order to return the Borderguard to play (with at least one +1/+1 counter on it thanks to the Order). 

Repeat for infinite creatures.  It's a bit clunky, but it works; consider the fact that both creatures involved in the combo are Kithkin...

Leech Bonder - Paradise Mantle - Mana Reflection
Infinite Mana. This combo was submitted by several people. With all cards in play and the Mantle attached to the Bonder, Tap the Bonder to add U to your mana pool.  However, thanks to Mana Reflection, you get UU (instead of just U) from tapping the Bonder.

Use one U (of UU) to untap the Leech Bonder and move one of its -1/-1 counters to another creature. Assume you don't kill that creature.  Repeat the earlier steps to keep moving that -1/-1 counter back and forth from one creature to another and each time you do this you net an extra mana in your mana pool.  Use that mana for whatever your heart desires. 

Tekkactus suggests Drowner of Secrets as a means to tap down the Leech Bonder (or other Q creatures) should you not own any Paradise Mantles. Epileptic Cricket recommends Quicksilver Dagger...

Flourishing Defenses - Two(2) Grim Poppets
Infinite creatures. In a block so populated by -1/-1 counters, Flourishing Defenses is an amazing card.  However, if you combine it with two Grim Poppets you can net infinite 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature tokens.  With two Grim Poppets in play, and assuming at least one of them has one less -1/-1 counter than it came into play with, you can move -1/-1 counters back and forth between the two Scarecrows for free.  Each time you do so you get a token from the Flourishing Defenses and thus... infinite creatures.

Note: Leech Bonder & Paradise Mantle can replace the two Grim Poppets for the same effect.

Stonybrook Schoolmaster - Intruder Alarm - Paradise Mantle 
Infinite Mana. Infinite Creatures.  With all three cards in play, and the Mantle attached to your Schoolmaster, tap the Schoolmaster to add one mana of any color to your mana pool.  His own ability will activate and you will get a 1/1 blue Merfolk Wizard creature token.  The entry of this creature into play will activate Intruder Alarm and you will be back at the beginning.  Repeat for infinite creatures and infinite mana.   

You can substitute Paradise mantle for Ocular Halo for infinite card drawing or Drowner of Secrets for infinite milling.  You can even add Judge of Currents for infinite life.  The Merfolk seem to have infinite possibilities...  Submitted by YWN.

AlasterEisaroh, a Forum [Wizard], recommends adding Supreme Inquisitor, Opposition or Glare of Subdual for more fun.

Weirding Shaman - Bog Initiate - Mana Echoes 
Infinite creatures.  Infinite Mana.  Start with three Goblins (including the Shaman), the Bog Initiate and Mana Echoes.  Sacrifice a goblin two generate two more goblins, adding 4 colorless mana to your mana pool from Mana Echoes. Note that you have four Goblins in play now.  Use the Initiate to turn one of the colorless mana into black mana.  Now, sacrifice a Goblin token to generate two more, using the mana you gain from the last round.   Mana Echoes will add 6 to your mana pool... and so on.  Repeat for infinite creatures and infinite mana. Submitted by YWN.
Guile - Dovescape 
Let's see if I can explain this right.  With both cards in play, play a noncreature spell.  Dovescape will counter your spell which in turn will be removed from the game by Guile.  Thanks to Guile, you can now play that spell without paying its mana cost.  You have to play it at that time or lose the chance to play it ever again.

Now, if I understand this correctly, when you play it again without paying its mana cost, it will again be countered by Dovescape... and then removed from the game to be played again.  This will generate an infinite loop until you choose not to play the spell again.  This infinite loop will generate infinite creatures from Dovescape.

Note: If I am wrong in my analysis of the card interactions, please let me know.  Guild's ability is a replacement effect, but Dovescape will be the original cause of the replacement effect and thus will still trigger the token generation. *crosses fingers* Submitted by Kenneth Peltokangas.

Note: Multani's Prescence does NOT work with Guile because Guile's ability is a replacement effect so the card is never really countered.

Judge of Currents - Aphetto Alchemist - Imagecrafter 
Infinite Life! How does it work?  With all three cards in play, tap Imagecrafter to make the Alchemist a Merfolk until end of turn.  Now tap Aphetto Alchemist to untap itself.  This activates Judge of Currents and gains you one life.  Repeat this tapping and untapping of the Alchemist and before you know it, you'll have an arbitrarily large amount of life - i.e. Infinite Life.  Submitted by YWN. 
Deathrender - Mogg Fanatic - Enduring Renewal 
Infinite Damage!  With all three cards in play and Deathrender attached to the Fanatic, sacrifice the Fanatic to deal one damage to an opponent (or creature).  Because Enduring Renewal is a replacement effect, it affects the Mogg Fanatic during the resolution of the trigger from Deathrender. And thus, you can take that same Fanatic from your hand (that just got there thanks to Renewal) and put it into play with Deathrender attached to it.  Submitted by Alex Chaplin & Freezo.

Replace Mogg Fanatic with other creatures that sacrifice for free with an effect for other types of infinity.

Rings of Brighthearth - Time Vault 
Time Vault was errata'd in 2004 to limit the crazy infinite turns possible with the original version of it.  Now whenever you untap it, you still have to skip a turn. So if  you activate the Time Vault when you are skipping your next turn, you skip your extra turn. However, if you use Rings of Brighthearth to gain an extra, extra turn, you can gain infinite turns.  How?  Let's see if I can explain this as to me it gets confusing. 

The Time Vault comes into play tapped.  You untap it during your next untap phase and skip a turn.  However, you can tap it to get an extra turn after this and duplicate it with Rings of Brighthearth.  So you gain two turns and lose one turn.  So you still get an extra turn.  Use that turn and repeat the process.  You net infinite turns from this. Submitted by Aneximines.

Here's to hoping I explained this right...

Wren's Run Packmaster - Elvish Aberration - Intruder Alarm 
Infinite Creatures!  How it works: With all three cards in play, tap the Elvish Aberration to add GGG to your mana pool.  Use that mana on the Packmaster to generate a token. The token will activate Intruder Alarm and untap all creatures. Keep repeating this to generate infinite creatures.  As long as the Packmaster is in play, they all have deathtouch.  Not bad.  You can always add more mana generating creatures to this to generate infinite mana... but that's nothing new for Intruder Alarm.  Submitted by YWN.
Skeletal Changeling - Haakon, Stromgald Scourge - Basal Sliver - Grapeshot
Infinite Damage! Without the Grapeshot, this is in infinite loop combo capable of super-high storm counts.  With the Grapeshot your can deal infinite damage.  How does it work?

With both the Basal Sliver, Skeletal Changeling and Haakon in play, know that the Skeletal Changeling is all creatures types so it is a Sliver and a Knight.  You can sacrifice the Changeling for BB.  Then you can use Haakon's ability to replay it from your graveyard with that two mana.  Repeat this as many times as you like and then follow up with a Grapeshot for infinite damage.

Wanderwine Prophets - Cloak of Mists - Summon the School
INFINITE TURNS! How does this work?  Enchant the Prophets with Cloak of Mists so it will definitely deal some combat damage when attacking.  In order to get the extra turn, you'll need to sacrifice a Merfolk.  To make sure you have enough Merfolk keep playing Summon the School and then recurring it from your graveyard by tapping four Merfolk.  You'll want to have about three to five Merfolk in play to keep this infinite turns combo in motion. Submitted by Tekkactus.
Ceaseless Searblades - Tidewater Minion - Fling 
INFINITE DAMAGE!  Note this was partially submitted by Aneximines.  Tidewater Minion can tap to untap himself (itself really) as many times as you like.  Ceaseless Searblades get +1/+0 every time an activated ability of an elemental is played.  And thus, the two cards interact to net your Searblades infinite power.  Add Fling to the mix and suddenly you can deal infinite damage to a target.  Sounds like fun to me. 

Note that if Tidewater Minion isn't your cup of tea you could always add Unnatural Selection and substitute the Minion for Seeker of Skybreak or Aphetto Alchemist.  As long as the creature can keep tapping itself to untap itself, you are good to fuel the Searblades.  Obviously, you'll want to make it an elemental with Selection...

Iridescent Drake - False Demise - Goblin Bombardment
Until Wizards of the Coast gave the Drake errata, which reads "if you played it from your hand...", this combo was an excellent way to make your opponent cringe.  The way it worked was that you enchanted the Drake with Demise and then sacked it to the Goblin Bombardment.  Because of the ability on Demise, the Drake came back into play, and because the ability on the Drake so did the Demise.  You could repeat this combo until you were blue in the face, or until you opponent died from Bombardment damage.  Too bad the combo no longer works.  

UPDATE: 7/15/07 - The previously added errata was removed.  The combo works again!

iridescent_drake.jpg (18471 bytes) false_demise.jpg (25631 bytes) goblin_bombardment.jpg (18546 bytes)
Great Whale - Recurring Nightmare 
Great Whale used to untap up to seven lands whenever it came into play from anywhere, including the graveyard. So the trick was to get it into play using less than seven mana. With seven lands in play, a Whale in the graveyard, any other creature in play, and a Recurring Nightmare in hand, a loop could be created. Tap all seven, spend three to Recur the Whale into play, untap all seven, and spend three more to Recur the Whale back into the graveyard. Now the board is in the same state, except you've netted one mana. Repeat. With two Whales you can pull this off with only four land.  This combo was  found on and quoted from www.magicthegathering.com.

UPDATE: 7/15/07 - The previously added errata was removed.  The combo works again!

great_whale.jpg (15453 bytes) recurring_nightmare.jpg (23908 bytes)
Sneak Attack - Palinchron 
Palinchron has errata on it.  To specify, www.crystalkeep.com states the following:
The errata makes it so you only untap lands if it comes into play by being cast from your hand. It does not untap lands if put into play as the effect of a spell or ability, even if it is put into play from your hand. [DCI Tournament Update 1999/03/01]

The way this worked when it was legal: With several lands out, spend one red mana to bring out Palinchron and untap 7 lands.  Spend four mana to put it back into your hand and repeat.  Assuming you have floating mana left after the first, you will build an insane amount of controlled mana which you can use for just about anything.

UPDATE: 7/15/07 - The previously added errata was removed.  The combo works again!

sneak_attack.jpg (14880 bytes) palinchron.jpg (19941 bytes)
Locket of Yesterdays - Artificer's Intuition - Sensei's Diving Top
With Artificer's Intuition in play, you can search for Locket of Yesterdays.  Then play it and search for three Sensei's Diving Tops.  One Top goes to the graveyard and the other two can be used to play off each other for free up to infinite times.  This will jack up your storm count and then you can use whatever Storm you want to finish off an opponent.  In the deck link, Brainfreeze is the card of choice.  However, Grapeshot works terribly well too.
Jedit Ojanen of Efrava - Breath of Fury - Yavimaya Dryad - Mass Hysteria
This is a tricky combo that started off as just a Jedit - Yavimaya card interaction submitted by Niv-Mizzet_Rulez!  Then uber_panda suggested adding Breath of Fury for infinite damage.  Then YWN quickly advised you needed to give the tokens haste for the combo to work.  Phew.

In the end, here's what happens: Have Jedit, a 2/2 green Cat Warrior token and Mass Hysteria in play. Note: Yavimaya is the card that enables all of your cats to be unblockable since she gives your opponent a forest.  Otherwise, she doesn't matter to the sequence of this combo.  The token needs to be enchanted with Breath of Fury.  Attack with Jedit and token.  Jedit generates another token.  Jedit and the original token are unblockable and thus they deal damage.  Sacrifice Breath of Fury and attach it to the new token.  Untap Jedit.  Now attack with the new token, which has haste thanks to Mass Hysteria and Jedit.  Repeat to inflict potentially infinite damage.

Magus of the Coffers - Sword of the Paruns 
Infinite Mana... and here's how it works: Equip Magus of the Coffers with Sword of the Paruns.  You must have at least six Swamps in play.  (If this proves difficult, add Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to the mix).  Anyway, pay two to tap and use Magus of the Coffer's ability.  Add BBBBBB to your mana pool.  Now pay three mana via the Sword to untap Magus.  BBB left.  Pay BB to  tap Magus to add BBBBBB to your mana pool.  Repeat for infinite mana.  This combo was submitted by YWN!
Sol'kanar the Swamp King - Enduring Renewal - Blood Pet 
Here's how this infinite life combo, submitted by YWN, works.  With all three cards in play, sacrifice Blood Pet to add one black mana to your mana pool.  Enduring Renewal will put Blood Pet back in your hand.  Cast Blood Pet with the black mana provided when you sacrificed him the first time and Sol'Kanar will gain you one life.  Repeat the earlier action of sacrificing the Blood Pet and keep repeating this as many times as you like to gain yourself infinite life. 
Enduring Renewal - Grapeshot - Wild Cantor 
Wizard's said themselves they were worried about Timeshifting Enduring Renewal for the same reason Enduring Renewal was dangerous back in the day: infinite combos.  This time around those pieces are different: Grapeshot and Wild Cantor.  For those who didn't know, the old pieces were Goblin Bombardment and 0cc artifacts (like Phyrexian Walker).

How it works: With Enduring Ideal in play, Wild Cantor in play and Grapeshot in hand, Sacrifice Wild Cantor to add a red or green mana to your mana pool.  Enduring Renewal will return Wild Cantor to your hand.  Use the mana you generator from the Cantor previously to cast it again.  Repeat this infinite times.  Then cast Grapeshot to infinite damage. [Enduring Plans]

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